Queuelist empty after upgrade to Debian 9.4

Hi all,

After upgrading a Debian server from version 8 (Jessie) to 9.4 (Stretch), the RT package version is also upgraded from .2.8-3+deb8u3 to 4.4.1-3+deb9u3.

So far the only issue seems to be that the ‘Queue’ list is empty in the dropdown menus normally showing the different queues.
This counts for:

  • ‘At a glance’ page (new ticket in…)
  • settings > preferences > default queue …
  • settings > queue list …

The queues are still present in the database.

I have tried to find if there is a specific upgrade script required, but could not find one.
I could not find any specifics in the Upgrade documentation.

Any help is greatly appreciated on further troubleshooting this issue.


same here after upgrading to Stretch and it’s RT4 package. RT was upgraded from version 4.4.0 installed manually.
If I do a manual search for Queue I get related tickets. But nothing show on Home (RT at a glance) page.

Thanks for help!


Looking at the search urls I can see this when accessing the queue via Glance.
/Search/Results.html?Query=Queue %3D 'General' AND Status %3D '__Active__'

For manual search it ends with ‘open’ so if I replace the Active part with just open I get what I want!

Guys, check my topic here:

Long story short you have to modify the database:

issue an UPDATE Statement to set “Lifecycle” to “default” for all Items in the “Queues” table.