Queue missing in "New ticket in" list

Has anybody else experienced the problem of certain queues sometimes not
appearing in the “New ticket in” dropdown list? This has nothing to do
with permissions. For several versions of RT, maybe all that I have
used, I have periodically experienced this problem. It does not happen
very often. It occurred just now for me (a superuser): the two newest
queues did not appear in the list, even though I have seen them in the
list before, and created tickets in them. I refreshed the page, to no
avail. Then I clicked on Configuration, Queues, Select queue, and one
of the “missing” queue names, checking the dropdown list occasionally.
After clicking the name of one of the missing queues (and I am pretty
sure not before), the names of both queues started appearing in the
dropdown list. Pretty weird …

I’m using RT 3.2.2 with PG 7.4.6 and have a ticket database that I first
created with 3.0.X.

Kevin Murphy