'Queue managers' assigning tickets to other people

We just ran into this problem. Some of the queues that we have are used
for defect tracking and QA purposes. We have a manager that needs to
take a ticket that someone else owns and assign it to a ‘QA’ pseudo-user
(which we needed because of the present limitations with only the
provided Status fields). However, when he tried to do this, even though
he had AdminQueue rights, he got the message:

You can only reassign tickets that you own or that are unowned

I made a change in lib/RT/Ticket.pm that will allow this to happen if
the user has AdminQueue rights, but I was wondering what the reason for
this limitation was, or if it was known, and if there’s a better way
that we should go about this. I know that it would be possible for him
to do it by 'Steal’ing the ticket from the user who currently owns it,
then reassigning it, but that seems to be one step more than it should

J Doran