Queue etc. configuration archive

I’ve now got RT running (RH 9, RT 3.0.6, fastcgi), can configure it to run on different databases, and everything is now perfect, mostly empty and waiting…

… waiting for me to implement equally perfect users, groups, queues, global settings (ugqg?) for:

  • a technology support desk (both dept and institution-wide)
  • online software (webmaster) support
  • in-class discussions (experimental instructional use)
  • workflow processes (e.g., tracking steps in a process to completion…)

Is there an archive of RT system case studies, complete examples of working RT configurations that a person might adopt and adapt? I’m very inspired and ready to re-invent the wheel, but OTOH, maybe I don’t have to? Do such case studies already exist somewhere and I’m overlooking them?

Regardless, would anyone be willing to share their configuration case studies and lessons learned for uses such as those listed above? And as I learn how to drive this beastie I’d volunteer to help create a ugqg archive…