Queue assignment on SelfService ticket(was rt-users@lists.fsck.com )

Justin Burdine wrote:

I am curious, how I enable or navigate to the “self service” gui. I
have heard lots of hints about it… but I can’t seem to find any clear
description of how to set it up or use it. Is there a clear cut how to
on enabeling Self Service? any help would be great.
You could add /SelfService to base URL in Browser.
Also it’s default interface for unpriveleged users and with right to
access WebUI. This options on user configuration page.
Just create new account with password and try it.

Has anyone attempted to automatically assign the queue upon creation of a
self service ticket?

I can’t seem to find anywhere that I could assign this value to the users
account. I imagine that it could be done by either using the users incoming
email address or the less reliable method of parsing keywords in the

It can be accomplished if the user submits the ticket via a pre-determined
email alias attached to the queue. But that would require two steps.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

-Glen Epperson

Hello all,

We intend to use RT in our non-commercial wireless network,
So, we want to allow everyone to create a login and use the system…

Is there any way to do this ?