Question regarding import from 2to3

hello there,

i have tried to dump rt2-tickets and to import it into rt3

the version i am using is 3-0-9. (rt import v1.23)

following error appeard:

relevant data cutted:
.uCreating user
.uCreating user
Importing groups
Feb 19 14:23:41 2004] [crit]: 1 (/var/rt3/lib/RT/
[Thu Feb 19 14:23:41 2004] [crit]: Can’t load a principal for id
rrrrrrrrqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqImporting tickets…t-3142
Couldn’t create trans
$VAR1 = {
‘Ticket’ => ‘4874’,
‘Creator’ => undef,
‘ActivateScrips’ => ‘0’

any idea why it intterupt importing data?

thannks for any replys!