Question on Reminders or self opening Tickets

Hi All,

i’d like to use RT for some recurring todoes. We all have todoes like
checking the monthly availability of an update ore something like this.

I allreade tried to use the rt reminders, but they dpn’t work the way i want
(or maybe i don’t see how to get it work). Well what i try to do is the

i create a new tickes wich say’s “check website for an update of
the Software X”. After checking if an update is available, i close this
ticket. On the first of the next month, this ticket automatically will be
re-opend (or a new one generated).

The fist way i tried to do this, was to create a reminder with a definition
for the late dates. When the naxt date inside the riminder is reached, a new
ticket should be opend. But this did not worked. I allways see an reminder
in the dashboard, but whe e date is reached, nothing happens - no ticket is

So maybe someone can help me with creating such reminders (and maybe
writing the needed scrips to get this work)?

I’m using RT 3.6.6

Thanks a lot