Question on queue settings: correspond-comment

Hi there.

I have set up RT 2.0.8 and it is working fine.
There is only one problem appearing when adding / modifying tickets
by sending mail:

  • when setting up the queue with action=correspond for incoming mails in
    /etc/aliases the tickets are created but internal mails from
    co-workers are directly sent to the requestors. (Internal discussion
    shall not be sent out.)
  • when using action=comment the internal discussion is not sent
    out but no tickets can be created.
    It is planed to integrate the co-workers also in RT but it is not
    possible at the moment. It know that will fix the problem.

Is there any option to allow creating tickets on action comment or
any other possible solution for that problem?

Perhaps it would make sense to allow creating tickets when the queue is
set up to handle mails as comment because the right to do so are given
by the user/group rights (in my case: group everybody -> create ticket,
reply to ticket)

Best regards,
Heiko Burghardt

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