Question about not able to send to owner or the one logged-in

Dear all,

I have a machine with RT2 and another one with RT3. They have the same mail
loop setting in the site config as follows:

$LoopsToRTOwner = 1;
$StoreLoops = undef;

However, it’s not possible (in the RT2) to send mail to myself from RT if I
am the owner or I am the one logged in. But same setting in RT3 is OK. Is
there some where else that I need to check to have this working also in RT2?
My users like to forward the request to Outlook to handle and just use RT to
record after finish. Can anyone give me some idea on what is going on? I
don’t think mail loop would be a problem in my site.

RT2 version 2.0.15
RT3 version 3.0.10

Thanks for your help in advance.

Best Regards,

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