Question about Magic values

I notice that some things seem to give two identical errors in the GUI-
like trying to modify a CF without the right permissions. It seems that
this has to do with this paragraph in

foreach my $arg ( keys %{ $args{'ARGS'} } ) {
    # since http won't pass in a form element with a null value, we

# to fake it
if ( $arg eq ‘Values-Magic’ ) {
# We don’t care about the magic, if there’s really a values
next if $args{‘ARGS’}->{‘Value’} ||

        # "Empty" values does not mean anything for Image and Binary

next if $cf_type =~ /^(?:Image|Binary)$/;

        $arg = 'Values';
        $args{'ARGS'}->{'Values'} = undef;

I’ve been trying to figure this out and it seems that it’s guaranteed to
send every blank-valued “Value” or “Values” argument round what follows
twice. In the case of a “Value” argument, you dont’ notice usually
because the $arg=Values; line means they pass through different
conditional branches below, one of which doesn’t usually give an error.
But for a “Values” value, it goes through exactly the same code twice
and if there is an error, you see it twice. I just want to see if I’m
not missing anything here - it seems to me that you’ll always go round
the same code twice with blank values? I’m guessing $args{‘ARGS’} should
be pre-processed before this point to weed out duplicate
blankvalue/magic blank value pairs?


Philip Kime
NOPS Systems Architect
310 401 0407