Question about how Users are added

To any and all,

The more I use this system, the more I have to learn. In our setup, 

we use LDAP as the authenticator. It seems to be working fine. Our
current applicable settings are as follows:

* *Set($LookupSenderInExternalDatabase, 1);*
* *Set($SenderMustExistInExternalDatabase, 1);*
* *Set($AuthMethods, ['LDAP', 'Internal']);*
* *Set($LdapExternalAuth, 1);*
* *Set($LdapExternalInfo, 1);*
* *Set($LdapAutoCreateNonLdapUsers, 0);*

  *Set($LdapAttrMap, {'Name' => 'uid',*

  *                   'EmailAddress' => 'mail',*

  *                   'Organization' => 'o',*

  *                   'RealName' => 'cn',*

  *                   'ExternalContactInfoId' => 'dn',*

  *                   'ExternalAuthId' => 'lblempnum',*

  *                   'Gecos' => 'uid',*

  *                   'WorkPhone' => 'telephonenumber',*

  *                   'Address1' => 'lblmailstop',*

  *                   'Address2' => 'postaladdress'}*

  *         );*
* *Set($LdapRTAttrMatchList, ['ExternalContactInfoId', 'Name',
  'EmailAddress',  'RealName', 'ExternalAuthId', 'WorkPhone',
* *Set($LdapEmailAttrMatchList, ['uid']);*
* *Set($LdapEmailAttrMatchPrefix, [''] );*
* *Set($LdapTLS, 1);*
* *Set($LdapSSLVersion, 3)*;

However, I have noticed that when a ticket owner adds an email 

address to the ticket ‘CC’ field and a reply goes out, they get added as
an “unprivileged” user. If this is normal RT processing, I have two

  1. Is is possible to have RT add that “unprivileged” user so that the
    ID is not the /entire/ email address (drop the or, etc.)?
  2. When a user signs into RT for the first time, have RT check to see
    if they have an ID already as an “unprivileged” user by using the
    /email/ address?
Can I change my settings to make either one of these possibilities a 

reality? It would REALLY make my life easier as the administrator. I’m
finding many Users with two IDs, 1 that is an email address as the id
(they were originally added due to being a ‘cc’ on an email) and the
other that is when they signed into RT at a later date. I end up with
100 tickets that point to 1 UserId and the real “privileged” UserId used
on other tickets. Two UserId’s for one person is kind of messy. Any
ideas or advice? Thanks.