Question about Contribs


I’ve just finished installing RT2 and we’re planning on implementing it,
but, to make the managers happy, we’ll need some form of statistics. I
looked through the mailing list and see frequent reference to “the stats
package”, but doing a search through every single file in the contrib
directory, and looking in every single tar.gz archive, I only find a
couple of files, most of which are in old or 1.0 or the root, but not in

Also, I see that waprt may be a site redesign, and rt-cpan may be the
CPAN site redesign. This would be nice to get working, but nothing
indicates how, or what these are.

So, my question is two fold:
1) Is there a description of this contrib stuff somewhere? The README
files don’t work so well.
2) If not, can someone at least tell me what stats package they are
using, and any possible hints for installing it?

Thanks in advance.

Zed A. Shaw
University of British Columbia

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