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Reference my previous posting about investigating using RTIR,
here’s another question.

After a ticket has been created in RTIR, I would like to be able to automate
the process of populating a custom document (e.g, plain text, MS Word, PDF,
etc) with some of the ticket information, then automatically encrypt the
document and (also automatically) email it to a distribution list.

You can start from notification scrips with custom template and just
mail in plain text. NotifyGroup would help you to notify particular
emails and/or groups.

You can create custom scrip that generates an attachment and sends
email. RT::Interface::Email has SendMail function that deals with it.

You can for sure generate TXT files, PDFs and Office documents. You
will need perl modules from CPAN to generate PDFs and docs, but sure
it’s doable.

You can encrypt using RT’s built in integration with GnuPG.

I’m assuming this can be achieved, but was curious whether anyone on the
list has done something like this and what level of effort and tools are
involved (e.g., Perl, some programming language, etc).

RT has a lot of bricks you need. May be except generating pdfs and docs.

Thanks in advance.

Brian Richardson

Best regards, Ruslan.