Query to database interaction

I am a rather young intern attempting to understand
RT’s progression from RT-SQL (ex. "Queue=‘MyQueue’ AND
(status=‘open’ OR status=‘new’) to the actual mysql (in
my case) queries used to retrieve a list of tickets
matching the limits. Starting in /Search/Results.html,
I can see that CountAll() from the DBIx::SearchBuilder
module queries mysql for the number of matching
results. However, where is the query for the ticket
list results created? I assume this happens in one of
the DBIx::SearchBuilder functions, but where is this
function called from Results.html? What do FromSQL()
and OrderBy() produce? Do they just parse the RT-SQL
query elements into the proper format for a
DBIx::SearchBuilder-type database query? I’ve looked
through a lot of documentation, but have been unable to
find anything suitable for such a low level of
inspection. I am rather new to perl, so some of this
more implicit activity (I’m a native C coder) makes me
uneasy. Sorry about the flood of questions, and thanks
for any help.

~A. Gearhart