Query for finding tickets of the current user?


I am trying to display the tickets that the current user is associated with, in their dashboard, so for that, I need to set up the saved search accordingly. But the problem is that I cannot find a way to get the query for such a result.
Here is the screenshot of my query builder. I cannot find the option of “Current user” in the owner button.

Under the advanced tab you can add __CurrentUser__, there should be example saved searches that use it that you can load and see!

I tried to add following in the query section in advanced tab:
Owner = ‘CurrentUser’ => didn’t work
Owner = CurrentUser => didn’t work
Owner = __CurrentUser__ , => didn’t work

Status = '__Active__' AND Owner = '__CurrentUser__' works for me

Does the Owner field also have the option of “CurrentUser” in your dashboard?
I don’t have such an option maybe that can be the case. Using Owner = ‘CurrentUser’ didn’t work for me, it just shows empty results even though the current user has thousands of tickets.

The quotes and double underscores at both ends are crucial.

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You have to go to Advanced Edit as I recall.

Yes, I tried it but because of some reason, it is not working.