Query Customfiels in MySQL

Hi all.

I want to do a query with ObjectCustomFieldValues and Tickets.
The different queries run separately, but I don’t know how I must
link them.

The queries are next:

  1. select id,CustomField,Content from ObjectCustomFieldValues
    where CustomField=2;

  2. Select q.Name, count(t.id), Status from Tickets t, Queues q
    WHERE t.Queue=q.id AND (t.Queue=3 OR t.Queue=6) AND
    (Status=‘Resolved’ OR Status!=‘Resolved’) GROUP BY q.Name,Status
    ORDER BY q.Name, Status;

I have tried to use the “Principals” table, but always the result
of next query (Select PrincipalType from Principals group by
PrincipalType) is “Group” or “User”.

Any idea?
Thanks a lot!!

Best regards,

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