Query Builder was very slow

After upgrading from rt 3.2.x to 3.4.2 the ‘Query Builder’ was very slow.
It took anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds to do anything with it

(e.g. to open it;
to add a query constraint;
to load a query; to save a query; to execute a query).

This post is to say that, thanks to tips from Jesse and Phil Homewood,
the problem is resolved.

Jesse said:

Perhaps you’ve granted “Everyone” the right to OwnTickets. Which isn’t
likely what you meant.


Jesse’s hunch was correct, but :
a) was not explicit
b) was prone to misleading: i found that, under Config, Global, User Rights,
the ‘Everyone’ user had ‘OwnTicket’. However, after i removed that right,
performance was still in the crapper. That made me think Jesse’s
hunch was off.

Phil said:

Have you checked both per-queue /and/ global rights? What about
rights for Unprivileged?
[rt-users] Problem with users who use email and SelfService

Phil’s hunch was compatible with Jesse’s, but was more explicit.
I checked each queue (painful, cuz there are many), and found 1 blasted
q where the ‘Group Rights’ page showed the ‘Everyone’ system group
having ‘OwnTicket’ rights. After removing that right, performance was
back out of the crapper.

Btw, my IT dept. refers to RT as ‘the request tracker’. Simple,
logical. Someone here morphed that into ‘the request crapper’, and now
we just call it ‘the crapper’. Not cuz it stinks, but just for fun. We
even have a CNAME record in our dns for it, so that we can tell people
to goto ‘thecrapper’ in their browser. hehe.
Happy Landings,

Jon Detert
IT Systems Administrator, Milwaukee School of Engineering
1025 N. Broadway, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202, U.S.A.