Query builder usability

Hello, rt-users.

I was playing with bug in the query builder (QB) and realized that
current QB behaviour is not user friendly. We all know that developers
and users think different so I want to collect users’ preferences and
ideas about possible query builder improvements.

NOTE Please, reply only to me, don’t send emails to the list, later
I’ll update this thread with results.

If you didn’t understand I’m talking aboud ‘Add’, ‘Delete’ and
’And/Or’ buttons, aggregators selector and everything else related to
query manipulation.

  1. Do you use advanced query builder?
  2. If yes then try describe why use it. What couldn’t you do in
    standard QB so you have to use advanced?
  3. Do you use arrow buttons? Do you like how those work?
  4. Try to remember most unpredictable results of an action. Describe
    with an example.

It’s very short poll, but sure feel free to describe anything you find
wierd, unfriendly or crappy in behaviour of the QB.

Best regards, Ruslan.