Query Builder (RT::Attribute::Name )

Sorry to hijack someone else question I just needed Stephen attention as I have posted before the bug I have within query builder and saved searches , every now and then I get :
RT::Attribute::Name Unimplemented in RT::Attributes. (/opt/rt3/lib/RT/Attributes_Overlay.pm line 81)

  context:  ...   
        492:  else { 
        493:  my ( $package, $filename, $line ); 
        494:  ( $package, $filename, $line ) = caller; 
        496:  die "$AUTOLOAD Unimplemented in $package. ($filename line $line) \n"; 
        497:  } 
        499:  } 
  code stack:  /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.7/DBIx/SearchBuilder/Record.pm:496

The error also occur with an empty local/ .
The error appear instead of the saved search drop down , the Attributes table as far asI can see is fiine, I have 93 rows with Name = SavedSearch (Is that normal ) only I am wondering ist returning multi rows instead of 1 ??

the system is rt-3.4.4 on gentoo apache2,mod_perl2.0 and dbix 1.33 and HTML::MASON v1.3101;
Sorry once again for hijacking the question but I am really stuck finding a solution to this …

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At Wednesday 10/26/2005 11:37 AM, Carole Casaretto wrote:

Hi all,

We are having difficulty allowing  users (not defined as a super user) the ability to create and save a search under "My Saved Search" or any other  search saved privacy area in RT's Query Builder.

We tried allowing Global Rights to "everyone"  for: CreateSavedSearch, EditSavedSearch, LoadSavedSearch, ShowSavedSearch.

This gave users access to the Query Builder Save and Load area but no ability to actually save a search.  When a user tries to name a search and clicks the Save button, the error message they receive are either:
"Can't find a saved search to work with" or "Can't save this search."

We appreciate any help you can provide.  Thanks so much.   Carole


Try granting ‘ModifySelf’ to users - it’s been a while, but I think that right plays a part in saving searches.



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