Query Builder: Multiple queue search

Hi All,

New user to the forum and RT. I had a search in the forum for what I was after but was unable to find anything I can use.

I am trying to retrieve all ‘Resolved’ tickets in 3 different queues but not quite sure as to how this is done. How would I update the below query to include the following queues: ‘Team’, ‘Support’ & ‘IT’.

Status = ‘resolved’ AND Created > ‘2018-07-01’ AND Queue = 'Admin’

Thank you for any help with this.

Status = ‘resolved’ AND Created > ‘2018-07-01’ AND
( Queue = 'Team’ or Queue = 'Support’ or Queue = 'IT’ )

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Hi Raman

Go to the search builder and choose advanced. Your search needs to be something like this

Status = ‘resolved’ AND Created > ‘2018-07-01’ AND (Queue = ‘Team’ OR Queue = ‘Support’ OR Queue = ‘IT’)