Quandry: secure parts of a ticket... should thisbe done with related tickets?

I do use RT for my company in a non-typical fashion and it’s worked very
well. (I’ve saved hundreds of trees in less than a year. This company
had colored papers for what is now represented by queues. People were
paid to shuffle papers from department to department!) I wouldn’t mind
contributing occasionally to a list like rt-business.

Great idea!

Colleen Noonan

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done with related tickets?

  1. after the ticket’s work has been complete
    (status=resolved/status=dead), how should I allow this info to be
    viewed? The same as 2)?

Business process question.

I am mostly a lurker here, but wanted to interject on this one.

Business process in relation to a crm environment is a school of
to itself. Perhaps this is worthy of its own mailing list? I am
with the tech side of things and like to keep up to speed on the add
updates etc, but, being able to compare nontetch notes with others
RT in various ways and ask the sort of questions like appears above
interesting and useful. It could be something like rt-business?

If this isn’t something Best Practical wants to do I wouldn’t mind
such a mailing list. Assuming 1, its permitted by Jesse & Team and 2,
is interest here in such a thing. I don¹t want to be the only guy on