Q: How to make a user signature appear at the top of email coorespondance, instead of the bottom?


My RT users and I have signatures that we want to appear at the 

top (bottom is default) of the body of any coorespondance email. When
they respond to tickets, RT3.4 quotes the ticket content, but places the
RT user’s signature on the bottom, forcing the recipients of the
coorespondance to scan through a long list of comments and coorespondance
to get to the bottom where they actually see who answered them. When
tickets get bounced around to several admins, this get’s confusing fast.

Changeing the order of the items in the coorespondence template 

does not seem to effect whether signatures go to the top or bottom of the
RT correspondance reply.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for changing signature 

location since it does not seem to be controlled in the template?

Thanks in advance,

John H. Nyhuis
Sr. Computer Specialist
Dept. of Pediatrics
HS RR349B, Box 356320
University of Washington
Desk: (206)-685-3884

Hi, John.

I don’t know if this could be done with some callback, but you can
change the html/Elements/MessageBox file. (See patch attached)

Refer to CleanlyCustomizeRT[1]: “Using the ‘local’ directory”.

[1] - http://wiki.bestpractical.com/index.cgi?CleanlyCustomizeRT

Gilmar Santos Jr.

John H. Nyhuis escreveu:

MessageBox.patch.txt (644 Bytes)