Puppet Request Tracker Module

This is a cross-list post.

I’d like to announce the initial release of a puppet request-tracker
module, darin-rt, for managing Request Tracker. The module will
install request-tracker and database packages, install request-tracker
extensions (if packages are available in the repo), and create basic
request-tracker queues.

This is also a request for help in extending the module to support
more operating systems! Currently it only supports SuSE systems, my
distro of choice, so I’m hopeful people from the community who use RT
and Puppet will extend this module to support a more verbose set of
operating systems. If you’re interested in contributing please contact
me off-list and I’ll help get you up to speed.


Puppet Forge: http://forge.puppetlabs.com/darin/rt
GitHub: https://github.com/deadpoint/puppet-rt
Installation: puppet module install darin-rt