Public-facing statistics

I’m thinking of setting up a display on the wall of our department’s office. This may include things like out outage monitor. However, one thing I’d like to add is the number of new and open tickets in each queue. I might also want to add other statistics, such as the most recently created ticket number or how many open tickets each technician has.

Is it possible to do this in such a way that it doesn’t require authentication?

I can get a small computer to auto-launch a web browser and auto-load a URL, but I don’t want to authenticate each time we restart it for an OS update or whatnot. Also, such a dashboard may be useful to people outside the department, such as my supervisor, assuming I could get certain kinds of statistics, such as tickets resolved since a certain date. So I’d be interested in knowing if such a “dashboard” (in the generic, non-RT sense of the word) could be made available to them, as well.

Thanks for any pointers.

If you made a simple HTML page that grabbed some data from RT using the REST interface you could just use some static username/password/token auth with RT to pull the data.

but I don’t want to authenticate each time we restart it for an OS update or whatno

You wouldn’t have to manually authenticate then the code would just authenticate each time it pulled data from RT.

Would that work?

Sounds like a good idea. Thanks. I have no prior experience with REST. Can you point me toward some tips or documentation for beginners?

Depending on your RT version you may want to install the newer REST2 extension ( This is core in RT5 ):

There is also a Postman doc site available for reference: