Proxy Server Config Item

I need to point my RT instance to a proxy server. Everything is behind a corporate firewall. I need to proxy server to get outside to use features such as retrieving the RSS feeds.

Where in would I set that? Or is there another config file somewhere. I’m on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

I checked the forums and all I see in the forums on a “proxy” search is references to WebPath being /rt or /rt5.

That doesn’t seem like it would direct one to a proxy server.

Thanks in advance for your help


Wouldn’t the proxy instead point to the RT server? I believe the only config that you’ll need from the RT side is CanonicalizeRedirectURLs

These settings assume that you want to configure external authentication through a proxy server. You don’t need to know much to buy proxies, but you need to choose the right company. If you need to configure a proxy server for outbound connections only, you may need to configure system-wide proxy settings or configure proxy settings in the LWP library of your RT instance.