Proposal: Quality Assisten (QA) - verify work

Hi together,

i want to know what the users and administrator of RT2
thing about the following idea:

To ensure the quality of work in our company i want to
establish a QA (Quality Assistent - like in bugzilla).
Only this QA are able to resolve a ticket - so it
is possible to verify the work of the owner)

  • It’s possible to define a different QA for each Ticket.

  • If no QA ist defined, the ticketowner is the QA

  • Only the QA is able to close tickets.

  • There is a new State (like open/close/stalled/dead) named “resolved”

  • The QA can verify the work and

    • close the ticket if the work is good.
    • open it again (state “open”), if work ist bad.
  • List “My own tickets”

    • If the state of a ticket isn’t “resolved”,
      the ticket appears on the Ticket list of the owner
    • If the state of the ticket is "resolved"
      the ticket appears on the ticketlist of the QA

With this defined process it is possible to verify

  • work of some (not all :wink: important Tickets
  • work of new employee, not yet integrated in
    processes/standards of the company

So, what do you think about this idea ? For our
company, this would be a very nice feature ((-;



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