Today I fixed my “spam” action - as it worked yesterday, it was
possible to link requests as “MemberOf” a “group ticket”. When
sending replies to the “group ticket”, one email with all the
requestors of the member requests got at the To-line. Now, one email
is sent for each member request, with the right Ticket ID.

Oh, that was all I did today. That’s nothing. I’m ashamed.

The top two things I have to do now is to get all debug printings and
warnings to STDERR removed, and to get the CGI to work. Both is small
stuff, anyway. The third thing is to get RT to work well with our
Bugzilla. I’ve forgotten to ask if our Bugzilla hacker is interessted
in sharing the changes he has done to Bugzilla to the community. I
guess that’s a quite important thing to do if we are to announce RT to
work well with Bugzilla. The fourth thing is to get the web design
looking a bit better…

I will leave early tomorrow, and be away over the weekend.

Tobias Brox (alias TobiX) - sysguy - +4722925871 -
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a short mail to

I can really say that things are not going as planned - but anyway I
feel that I’ve done something right today.

I have peeked at Log::Dispatch v. 1.11 from CPAN, and I really liked
it - it seems quite a bit better than STDERR. There should also be a
new and better version of Log::Dispatch propagating through CPAN as I
speak. Unfortunately I ended up wasting quite a lot of time
discussing world politics with the Log::Dispatch author.

I fixed the to log errors (and debug statements) to a file,
and added some comments in the; I think it generally might
make sense using syslog and/or mail.

It seems like Jesse has done the cleaning job removing the old debug

I also fixed (untested) a better system for handling possible loops.
Now it sends a critical log message, which (if configured for it)
might generate a mail to an administrator. The possibly looping mail
is recorded in RT, but the mail should be resent out from RT.

Except for that, I’ve fighted with really a lot of weirdness with
(among others) Sys::Syslog, *.ph and Mail::Fields and others - maybe
perl 5.6.0 isn’t that stable after all.

Tobias Brox
aka TobiX
+47 22 925 871