Problems with SLA

Hello community,

I have two problems with the SLA module:

1 - The tickets that I open through the email do not add the SLA value, leave it blank. ( On the other hand, the tickets that they create through the web, with the QuickCreate, add the value SLA)

2 - When changing a ticket of queue I would like the ticket to acquire the new SLA criteria of the new queue

Can someone help me with any of these issues?

Thank you very much

You can create a scrip with action like:
my $newSLA=“24h”;
my( $st, $msg ) = $self->TicketObj->SetSLA($newSLA);
unless( $st ) {
$RT::Logger->warning( “Couldn’t set $newSLA as value for SLA:”. $msg );
return undef;
return 1;

And use condition “On create”, “On queue change” or any other relevant…