Problems with custom reports tool


we recently upgraded our RT 3.6.5 to 3.8.0 . The upgrade worked like a
charm, everything is ok. We do have, some custom perl script who, on a
daily basis, reads the tickets who have some specific CF values, and
generate html reports. Since we upgraded the RT to 3.8.0 our script
stopped working and it gives the following error:

[Thu Jul 17 08:26:39 2008] [crit]: RT::CustomField::Queue Unimplemented
in RT::Tickets. (/opt/rt3/lib//RT/ line 2466)
RT::CustomField::Queue Unimplemented in RT::Tickets.
(/opt/rt3/lib//RT/ line 2466)

I tried to track down the error, and the line that generates that error
looks like this:

my $q = “”;
-> if ( $CF->Queue ) {
my $qo = new RT::Queue( $self->CurrentUser );
$qo->Load( $CF->Queue );
$q = $qo->Name;

Searching further, I found that the Queue method is not implemented in
RT::CustomField class . The sub in our tool that calls the code above is:

$tickets = RT::Tickets->new(RT::SystemUser());
VALUE => $search_criteria,

Does anyone have any idea about a workaround for this issue ?


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Lead Services

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