Problems with Bookmarkable URL for this search and the priority field

The “Bookmarkable URL for this search” is not working for me any time I
use “Priority is greater than” or “Priority is less than” as a search
criteria. For example, if I do a new search and search for Priority is
greater than 0, I get a lot of search results. I copy the Bookmarkable
URL, logout and close my browser. I open a new browser and paste the
copied URL but I get no search results, whether I log in before or after
I paste the bookmarked URL. The search criteria is blank on the page
but the URL shows that I should have some search criteria:

If I use “Priority is equal to” or “Priority is not equal to”, then the
Bookmarkable URL works fine.

Anyone else experience this? Is this fixed in newer releases? I’ve
searched the list but didn’t find a mention of this.

We’re running RT 3.0.6 with PERL 5.8.0 on RedHat 9.

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Upgrade! This problem was resolved in 3.0.x, may be 3.1.x, but sure I
recall problem with searches “greater then”.

		Best regards. Ruslan.

NOTE: You have a danger setup, perl 5.8.0 is known to be broken, this
could lead to binary attachments corruption.

Rimbert Rivera wrote: