Problems with Approval

Hi everybody,

since yesterday I’m struggling with the Approval system of RT. I tried
several systems and solutions from the mailing list and the wiki but I
got nothing to work completely.

We are using RT in an international developer group in our company for
posting bugfixes etc. I have set up different groups with different
rights. So there are (biz)-people who can only create tickets and tell,
where they saw some errors. Some team leaders will assign the tickets to
developers then. Now I try to set up the approval system to let tickets
be approved by the team leader again (as a final check if everything is
ok) when a developer hits resolved.

The problem now is that I can’t see anything in the menu Approval no
matter what I do. Enabling Queue ___Approval doesn’t work. I added the
"ShowTicket"-right to AdminCCs globally (like mentioned at
"ApprovalCreation" in the wiki) in but this also didn’t work. Even as
superuser I can’t see any tickets in the menu Approval.

The only possibility to get a ticket approved is to go to the ticket
which was resolved by the developer, choose the created ticket on
"Depends On" and hit resolved on that one. But since the original ticket
has the status “resolved” already it’s not to see in the queue anymore
and if I don’t create a scrip that sends email to inform people to
approve a ticket nobody will ever know about that and the ticket will
never be reviewed and approved/opened again.

Please help me, I’m stuck… What am I doing wrong? Or is there maybe a
better solution for my problem?


I’ve found out, that “to be approved” tickets will be visible if they
are owned by somebody. At least he will see the tickets at the Approval
site then. But that’s also not like it’s supposed to work, is it?

Benjamin Weser wrote: