Problems receiving emails/sending out - RT5.0.3

I’m getting really really close to finally getting my RT5 running with wsgetmail. I’d appreciated everyone help in this community

On my RT5 Site, I have a couple of problems.

  • wsgetmail is running fine, but it’s not pulling in any emails
  • when trying to reply to a test ticket on RT5 Site, I’m getting this error “The RT System itself - Sending the previous mail has failed. Please contact your admin, they can find more details in the logs.”

In the upgrading instructions for 5.0.3, I’m currently stuck at step 10. I couldn’t locate the file /etc/aliases. Can someone show me where I can find it?

"10) Configure the RT email gateway. To let email flow to your RT
server, you need to add a few lines of configuration to your mail
server’s “aliases” file. These lines “pipe” incoming email messages
from your mail server to RT.

Add the following lines to /etc/aliases (or your local equivalent)
on your mail server:

    rt:         "|/opt/rt5/bin/rt-mailgate --queue general --action correspond --url"
    rt-comment: "|/opt/rt5/bin/rt-mailgate --queue general --action comment --url"

You'll need to add similar lines for each queue you want to be able to
send email to. To find out more about how to configure RT's email
gateway, type:

       perldoc /opt/rt5/bin/rt-mailgate


What MTA are you using? Sendmail? Postfix?

It sounds like you are reporting something is not working but haven’t configured it at all. It’s definitely not going to work if you don’t configure it :slight_smile:

Incoming mail and outgoing mail are completely separate parts of RT although they may use the same MTA (or they may not). You could use getmail, for example, to fetch mail from an IMAP/POP3 server but use postfix to send mail out.

Try to configure things the way you want them to work. Test them. If they don’t work provide the details on what you tried to configure and what is happening instead of what you expected.

By the way the logs in /opt/rt4/var/log/ are invaluable for resolving issues that say “Please contact your admin”.

Thank you for the response, I have now configured postfix for outgoing mail, and its working.

Regarding the issue with wsgetmail, the debug command is not showing any errors, but still, no email coming into the queue.

Umm from that message it looks like you already have a wsgetmail process running. You might have to stop/kill that before running it in debug mode (I don’t know as I don’t use wsgetmail but it would seem a reasonable thing to try if you’re not getting debugging output appear).

I figured it out, there was a problem with the username in the wsgetmail.json - Thanks, everyone!

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