Problems installing rt-tracker dependencies (and thanks Phil)

Thanks to Phil for the response. Yeah i did have a typo.
Unfortunately, it looks like i was installing it on the wrong
debian system (an older one), and now i’m installing it on the new
stable version of debian (woody).

Oh good, rt is much much easier to install onto woody (or more recent

Anyway, i have to go back one step now and i can’t seem to get two
perl modules installed properly: DBD::Pg and Apache::Cookie

that’s probably cause you didn’t install all the right debian
packages. There’s an article in rtfm
( that covers setting rt
up on woody. it’s easy, as everything you need is prepackaged.

I tried installing them using the perl CPAN tool and it didn’t

I would never do this. I find CPAN and debian not to play very nicely
together, CPAN has always just broken my debian perl. and really, with
the dh-make-perl package why would you muck with cpan directly?