Problems installing RT in Solaris 9 + Oracle 10g

Hi all!

I�m trying to install RT in a box with Solaris 9 and Oracle 10g R1.
Everything was ok until I execute “make initialize-database”… This is
what I got after that command has been executed:

root@oracle # make initialize-database
/usr/bin/perl //usr/local/rt3/sbin/rt-setup-database --action init --dba
rt --prompt-for-dba-password
In order to create or update your RT database,this script needs to
connect to your Oracle instance on localhost as rt.
Please specify that user’s database password below. If the user has no
password, just press return.

Now creating a database for RT.
…skipped as rt is not rt or we’re working with Oracle.
Now populating database schema.
Creating database schema.
Done setting up database schema.
Now inserting database ACLs
Now inserting RT core system objects
Checking for existing system user…not found. This appears to be a new
Creating system user…make: *** [initialize-database] Segmentation
Fault (core dumped)

I checked and I saw that database objects are created. The problem seems
to be in this part of the code in the “rt-setup-database”:

print "Creating system user...";
my $RT_System = new RT::User($CurrentUser);

my ( $val, $msg ) = $RT_System->_BootstrapCreate(
    Name     => 'RT_System',
    RealName => 'The RT System itself',
    Comments => 'Do not delete or modify this user. It is integral 

to RTs internal database struc
Creator => ‘1’,
LastUpdatedBy => ‘1’,

I am not, by no means, a Perl expert… Anyway, I checked the code but
until now I have no clues how to solve this problem. Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!

William Murat