Problems creating tickets

I am using RT 4.4.2 and I have an issue when a user creates a ticket. The problem I have is that whenever someone chooses the queue from the dropdown list, RT immediately shows all the fields to prepare the ticket. I would think that the users is supposed to choose a queue from the dropdown list and then use the new ticket button but it is not happening. Is someone having que same problem? Could some one please help to stop this behavior?

If I am not providing enough details please let me know.

Is this the ‘new ticket in’ <queue> drop down? If so then when you select a value for queue from that drop down, RT then goes to the create page for the queue selected.

Yes. please help. I do not want that to happen I want the user to chose the queue and the after chosen and only when that happen the user click the “New ticket in” RT goes to Create page.

There isn’t a config option or callback that can be used to do this, your best option is to create an overlay file with the folllowing change:

diff --git a/share/html/Elements/CreateTicket b/share/html/Elements/CreateTicket

index ea8ca3c07…b93f90823 100644

— a/share/html/Elements/CreateTicket

+++ b/share/html/Elements/CreateTicket

@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@

% my $button_start = ‘<input type=“submit” class=“button btn btn-lg btn-primary form-control” value="’;

% my $button_start_modal = ‘<input type=“submit” class=“button btn btn-primary form-control ticket-create-modal” value="’;

% my $button_end = ‘" />’;

-% my $queue_selector = $m->scomp(’/Elements/SelectNewTicketQueue’, AutoSubmit => 1, SendTo => $SendTo, Placeholder => loc(‘Queue’), Hyperlink => $Hyperlink );

+% my $queue_selector = $m->scomp(’/Elements/SelectNewTicketQueue’, AutoSubmit => 0, SendTo => $SendTo, Placeholder => loc(‘Queue’), Hyperlink => $Hyperlink );

% if ($Hyperlink) {

<% $queue_selector |n %>

Thank you I will try this