Problems creating queues

RT2 is the best, and I just got the green light to finalize RT2 and setup some users/queues…
I can make users with almost no issues, but when I try and create new queues, I get the following error:

Mason error
error in file: ᅵ
line 79:ᅵ
Bizarre copy of HASH in aassign
context: ᅵ

them according to the format variables defined earlier in


this file and join them onto the $sub sub-routine string

if ($hargs) {

we may trash some of the args so we take a copy

@a = @DB::args; # must get local copy of args

don’t print any more than $MaxArgNums

if ($MaxArgNums and @a > $MaxArgNums) {

cap the length of $#a and set the last element to ‘…’

$#a = $MaxArgNums;
component stack: ᅵ
/Admin/Queues/Modify.html [standard]
/autohandler [standard]
code stack: ᅵ
raw error: ᅵ
error while executing /Admin/Queues/Modify.html [standard]:
Bizarre copy of HASH in aassign at /usr/lib/perl5/5.6.0/Carp/ line 79, line 50.

— Now this came up before, but after reloading my browser I was able to create another queue so I assumed it was a client issue.
Currently no matter what I try, I always get the error and cannot add any more queues.
I currently have 2 queues and need to add atleast 3 more. Can someone suggest a fix and save me alot of time poking around?


You will find that it is a problem with the buggy version of perl that you are running on your box.
I had installed a testbed of rt2-0-8 and everything was working fine for me (with perl 5.6.0)
then i upgraded my testbed to rt2-0-9 and everything fell apart.

I got similar errors to those you are encountering. I upgraded my perl to 5.6.1 and rt2 stopped functioning totally and apache
stopped working as well even though ‘make testdeps’ reported that I had met all the dependencies required.

After much browbeating and troubleshooting and stress (I had a deadline for final implementation) , I decided to try downgrading my
perl version.
(I was running 5.6.0r17) and I downgraded it to 5.6.0r12 and it all worked.

Its not the smartest idea to be downgrading your perl (unless its something of a necessity which it was for me due to deadline) so I
suggest that you upgrade to 5.6.1
and run ‘make fixdeps’ to make sure that all your perl modules are there for the new implementation of perl and you should be right
as rain.

Hope this helps

Dane Rapaport
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