Problem with TransactionBatch scrip

Hello all,

I’m having a problem with a scrip running in the TransactionBatch stage.

Setting the scene:

RT 3.6.3, Oracle, Apache2, Perl 5.8.8

One queue required a custom field to be populated with information
extracted from an e-mail message on a ticket creation. The initial
notification to the AdminCcs needed to have the information from the CF
in the message. To make this work, I set $UseTransactionBatch, and
modified the scrip ‘On Create, Notify AdminCcs’ to execute in the
Transaction Batch stage.

On e-mail from unprivileged users to the queue, everything works. User
gets their notification back, CF is populated, and AdminCcs get their
notification with the CF.

Switch to another Queue: Same configuration, except it doesn’t have the
CF or the scrip to extract and populate that CF.

If an unprivileged sends e-mail to this queue, they get their
notification, but the AdminCcs do not.

If a privileged user sends e-mail to this queue, they get their
notification AND the AdminCcs get their notification.

It was suggested on IRC by Ruslan that I try RT 3.6.4rc1, since it
addressed some TransactionBatch issues. This, however, did not help.
He then asked me to send mail here. :slight_smile:

Attached are some logs, broken apart by case. Let me know if there’s
any more information I can provide!

Thanks in advance,


David Stipp

sanitized-scrip-debug (12.6 KB)