Problem with Transaction Custom Field


I have defined a “Transaction CF”.
I go to #TicketId =>Jumbo menu option, and set the Value for the
"Transaction CF". And it fails with this error when I click the Save button
(I use this menu option because I need to move the ticket to another queue.)

Does somebody know how to deal with it?
Thanks in advanced,

Here I paste the error:

System error

error: Can’t locate object method “Id” via package “No object mapping for
field” (perhaps you forgot to load “No object mapping for field”?) at
/soft/app/rt/product/rt-3.4.4/lib/RT/ line 1523, line 22.

context: …
1519: my $method = “${class}Obj”;
1520: $object = $object->$method;
1521: }
1523: return $object->Id;
1524: }
1527: =head2 CustomFieldLookupType

code stack: /soft/app/rt/product/rt-3.4.4/lib/RT/