Problem with Ticket Transaction Customfields

I gave a demo on some of the new things we’re gonna do in our
organisation and noticed a problem with ticket transaction customfields.
I made a customfield ‘analyse’ with type ‘Enter one value’, applied that
to our General queue, set all group rights on it.
When I comment/reply to a ticket in the General queue I do get the
transaction customfield and when I fill in something and hit Update I do
get Message recorded but in the history display I get:
analyse: (diamond shape) 1
No matter what I fill in or what type the CF is.
In the database I see the values and it looks like the references are
all OK
I’m using RT-3.4.2 and Oracle 9i as a backend on Sun Solaris8
All other CF things work
Anyone who has the same problem or better has this working and is
willing to tell me how to get it to work.

Thanks in advance,


Joop van de Wege