Problem with 'Select one value' Custom Fields

I’ve been having no trouble at all with RT and I’m going to be posting a
few contributions very soon, but I’ve run into a problem. Custom fields
that I have entered so far have been fine. I then added a ‘Select one
value’ field. I cannot find any reference to it’s assigned value within
any ticket in the db.

It tells me that ‘Custom field value foo could not be found for custom
field bar’ It’s in CustomFieldValues all the numbers are right. It is
however not in ObjectCustomFieldValues like it should be. This is of
course assuming I’m reading the schema correctly.

If anyone needs more information about this problem, I’ll be more than
happy to provide it. My experience has been mostly with php so perl is
a bit alien to me. Please bear with me.


Nick Celebic

This was my own mistake. I won’t detail it so as not to embarass myself
too badly. Please disregard this.

Nick Celebic