Problem with Overlays: Is Apache crazy?

Hello, there!

I’m running RT 3.4.0, with Apache/2.0.52, mod_perl/1.99_14 and Perl/v5.8.4.
I have some custom field type implementations and I did an overlay at local/lib/RT/, that works fine (When we were using RT 3.2.2, it was good). When I restart apache, the new custom field types appear and I can see their friendly name, but when I reload the page, they suddenly desapear.
I put some log lines in the overlayed functions, at the module, and the first time the log works (when the new custom field types appear), but the next times they don’t! It’s like apache is unloading the module!!!

The funny thing: when I rename my overlay to local/lib/RT/, it works fine!!! Without any code modification: only renaming and restarting apache again. Because of this, I’m almost certain that there is no implementation/migration problems…

At the production server occurs the inverse: the works but the not.

If anyone have had some problem like this, or have a sugestion, I would apreciate.


Lucas F. Rosada
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