Problem with MySupportQueues in RT 3.6.3

Has anyone else noticed that you can’t roll up the MySupportQueues (the one
that displays ‘Queues I’m an AdminCc for’) in RT 3.6.3 ?
When you place that widget on the ‘RT At a Glance’ page and click the little
‘X’ to roll it up - it just makes a clicking sound and stays open…
Is there a quick fix for that?

Also, if anyone has installed the Timeline extension ( SIMILE | Timeline /), i just noticed that the Timeline tab
actually replaces the Bulk Update tab. Is there a way to avoid that and just
have both? I’ve not been able to find the Tabs file for the Ticket menu…

Yesterday i’ve installed a second RT instance for DEV, to play around with
and try stuff before i promote it to the stable instance.
The database for this DEV instance went into the same MySQL instance. So i
now have TWO databases running in there: rt3 and rt3_dev.
While installing the second RT instance - it was complaining about the DB
being inaccessible (i’m guessing because of the ‘root’ pasword that was
setup by me last time i installed RT).
I’m not entirely sure what i did, but at some point the DB initialize for
the second instance finally went through.
When i bounced the apache instance though - i wasn’t able to access the
first, good RT instance anymore…
I had to change the RTDBUser and RTDBPassword in the SiteConfig for the
first instance to get it to work again…weird…