Problem with installation of RT2

Hi list!

I’ve tried to install that god damn thing over the past few hours :slight_smile:

First of all I would like to say that this CPAN thing is amazing, although
I did have some problem with the apache and mysql test suits. The apache
failed where the wise script decided to load all the modules in
httpd.conf, regardless wether the HAVE_MODULE has been in the compile
options. That, of course, caused it to fail. That’s how the conf was
distributed in RH7.3. Anyways, I removed all the AddModules and it went

Next, the MySQL issue. The test didn’t work either. I told it to connect
to my DB host, but, he probably thought that he’s much smarter than I am,
and decided to go to the socket way, with, of course, no success, as there
is no MySQL server running on this machine. After running MySQL especially
on this machine with the databases exported via NFS, the test went fine.

make testdeps - fine.

make install started installing the databases… and… uhm.

using the mysql client to connect to mysql:
Your MySQL connection id is 3787 to server version: 4.0.4-beta

anyone has any idea on what could be it? don’t tell me it’s the mysql…
that would be really weird. any other software on earth that I have works
fine there…

Best regards,

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also happens to be a mail reader.”

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