Problem with group rights / admin-page

Hi there, I’ve got a RT-instance and now going to configure it. I created a queue and want to assign rights to a created Group. Problem is following (all in the group-rights-tab of the queue):

  • Left there are the different acls (everyone, privileged and so on). When left-clicking at some entry of this list nothing happens, the list of rights doesn’t change to show the configuration for the selected acl. When right-clicking and open in a new tab, it works.
  • Can’t assign a new group by typing the name of the group in the textfield. By hitting enter the value of the textfield disappears, but the group ist not shown in the list. No workaround.

Tested with different Browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome), same situation regardless of the used browser. For me it seems like the ui doesn’t work correct?
Do anyone got some ideas about that? Thank you in advance!
Kind regards

Don’t forget that since you’re just starting there are no permissions on the system yet. It’s updating, it’s just all blank.
To make changes for an existing group/role:Select the group. Click on permissions (you can flip tabs). Hit save.
For a new group: type in the group name. Click on permissions. Hit save.
Note you can’t create groups at this point - that’s the group tab.
Any group with permissions on the queue will be listed automatically.
Any roles for the queue will be listed automatically, regardless of existing permissions.