Problem with Character '...' (0x85) filled into subjectfield

Olaf Hamann wrote,

while copy-pasting a line of text from word application (line
contains a
character 0x85 showing ‘…’ in one char) into the subject
line of a
ticket reply (Update.html), we’ve found a severe problem:

Updating ticket with this character in subject line does not
work correctly.

This sounds kind of like the FAQ “Q: I created a ticket by pasting from
a word document. RT chokes on the ticket” at
Request Tracker Wiki , but the answer there is
Postgres-specific… maybe when you find an answer you could put it in
the Wiki there?

Thank you for that quick response.

I looked into our rt3 database and mysql has no problems at all.
Transactions which are not shown in ticket history exist completely with
char in tables Tickets, Transactions and Attachments.

Further investigations show, error shows up in httpsd-err.log
’Segmentation Fault’, not in rt.log

I found that ‘usually indicates a bad dso mod_perl 1.0 build’-hint, will
ask admin for that.

Are there other experiences with RT 3.6 and Segmentation Fault?

Olaf Hamann

Vonnahme, Nathan wrote: