Problem with Character '...' (0x85) filled into subject field

Hello list,

while copy-pasting a line of text from word application (line contains a
character 0x85 showing ‘…’ in one char) into the subject line of a
ticket reply (Update.html), we’ve found a severe problem:

Updating ticket with this character in subject line does not work correctly.

RT says “Message recorded” and returns to ticket display.
Mails are sent (looks like, but that’s not for sure).
But Transaction is not shown in ticket history.
Updating that Ticket again, without inserting this character does not
work neither.
Transactions of Ticket are’nt be updated anyway.

Inserting that character in message body causes no problems.

Is that behaviour due to RT or due to mysql?
Where can I look for?

We’re using RT 3.6.1 with mysql 4.1.21 on freebsd.

Olaf Hamann