Problem with approvals queue

Dear All,

I’m using RT 3.4.x installed on Fedora. I’m trying to set up the approval
part since a few days and still have one problem.

I set up two queues: “Approval-Requests” and “Approvals”. The tickets which
need approval will be created in the “Approval-Request”.

I have one template and one scrip for the “Approval Request” queue as

The template:

===Create-Ticket: apprreq
Depended-On-By: TOP
Queue: Approvals <-- this is the queue where I’m expecting to see the
approval ticket
Type: approval
Owner: username-of-owner #note this is so that notifications work properly
Content: Someone has created a ticket which needs approval. Please review
and approve it, so it can be resolved.

The scrip:

Description: Create approval
Condition: On Create
Action: Create Tickets
Template: Create Approval
Stage: TransactionCreate

After this, I copied all the templates and scrips from the built-in
"___Approval" queue to my “Approvals” queue after which I have done one
modification to the “When an approval ticket is created” scrip by changing
the condition from “User defined” to “On create” (the built-in "___Approval"
queue is disabled).

(More detailed description of this process can be found at

When I create a ticket in the “Approval-Requests” queue, another ticket is
created, an approval ticket which should be accessible from my "Approvals"
queue. The problem is that it is not. :frowning: You can access this approval
ticket in the following ways:

  1.   by clicking on the left menu named "Approvals" and looking for the

pending approvals
2. by clicking on the ticket which needs the approval (which is
present in the “Approval-Request” queue) and by following the link at the
"Depends on" section
3. by clicking on the link which goes trough an e-mail to the

Even if I change the queue manually buy editing this approval ticket, it
won’t be displayed in any of my queues (which could be still normal because
"approval" - type of tickets are not like normal tickets). Still, I would
like to see these in my “Approvals” queue.

Anyone could tell me a solution for this problem?