Problem with AND/OR on 3.2.1

Rt 3.2.1
QueryBuilder 1.10_05
Solaris 9

AND/OR switch in query builder is changing all levels instead of just
the current level I am on.
So I can’t do a search like the following,
Owner=‘390’ AND (Status=‘open’ OR Status=‘stalled’)

Instead I can only do ALL AND’s or ALL OR’s.

I see in a posting from Jesse to the mailing list that this was fixed for 3.2.1,
( * Toggling AND/OR now works correctly at all levels. (#5814))

However it does not appear to be working properly. Am I missing
something obvious?


May be this link helps you…'546'%20%20AND%20(%20Status%20%3D%20'open'%20%20OR%20Status%20%3D%20'new'%20)%20&Rows=0&OrderBy=id&Page=1&Format='%20%20%20<b><a%20href%3D"%2FTicket%2FDisplay.html%3Fid%3D__id__">__id__<%2Fa><%2Fb>%2FTITLE%3A%23'%2C%20 '<b><a%20href%3D"%2FTicket%2FDisplay.html%3Fid%3D__id__">__Subject__<%2Fa><%2Fb>%2FTITLE%3ASubject'%2C%20 '__Status__'%2C%20 '__QueueName__'%2C%20 '__OwnerName__'%2C%20 '__Priority__'%2C%20 '__NEWLINE__'%2C%20 ''%2C%20 '<small>__Requestors__<%2Fsmall>'%2C%20 '<small>__CreatedRelative__<%2Fsmall>'%2C%20 '<small>__ToldRelative__<%2Fsmall>'%2C%20 '<small>__LastUpdatedRelative__<%2Fsmall>'%2C%20 '<small>__TimeLeft__<%2Fsmall>'

Kent wrote:

A shorter link: