Problem with accentuation (web UI)

In any part of the system that contains accentuation, the system does not allow the inclusion of the data, submitting through the web interface. In the title of the tickets, comments …
I tried to change the MySQL encoding to utf8mb4 (on all tables and databases), but the problem persists.
I tried switching one of the fields (Subject) to blob and it worked, but it is not a good solution. So much so that I did not change the other fields.
What could I do? Someone help me?

I appreciate.

What version of DBD::mysql are you running? The latest version (4.042) has issues with unicode. If you install the previous stable version (4.041) that may fix your issue.

Hi Jim!
Thanks for the answer.

Yes, i’m running the latest version (4.042) of DBD::mysql.
Could you tell me which one is the best way to do this downgrade?

Very thanks!

The method depends on how you manage your perl modules. If you install them manually, you can find a link to download the previous version and follow the installation instructions. If you use the cpan or cpanm utilities, they both accept a path with a specific version to override the default behavior of getting the latest. For example, with cpan minus, something like this should work:

cpanm --install MICHIELB/DBD-mysql-4.041.tar.gz


Just done this and the solution worked perfectly.
All the inputting is working even when contains accentuation.

VERY thanks Jim.
Let me know if you come to Brazil, I’ll pay a beer or two for you! o/