? Problem forwarding message with attachments

Running 3.8.8 on RHEL5.

The error message:

Can’t call method “ContentAsMIME” on an undefined value at /opt/local/rt/bin/…/lib/RT/Transaction_Overlay.pm line 529, line 522.

I was seeing this when users of various privileges attempt to forward a ticket, and the error only appears if the ticket has an attachment. However, it wasn’t happening on all queues. One difference between ticket creation on different queues is that I used RT web interface to create tickets where it worked and uploaded the file via browse. When it didn’t work the tickets were created by email with the file attached.

I was choosing “Forward” from Ticket/Elements/Tabs.

I saw this error starting a couple conversations, here[1] and here[2], but never read any solutions.

I had cleared the cache and restarted the server.

So, what I did was create a Transaction_Vendor.pm with a ContentObj method which is identical as the version in Transaction_Overlay.pm except it adds this

    # If THAT fails, return the first part
    my $all_parts2 = $self->Attachments;
    while (my $part = $all_parts2->Next) {
        return $part;

at the end of the block entered if it is a multipart message.

Does anyone think this will have bad, unintended, consequences?

[1] - http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/rt/users/94461
[2] - http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/rt/users/91205

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